Woodlyn Associates, LLC opened its doors in 1981, three decades ago. Proudly standing as New Jersey’s leading medical billing firm, we now serve 170 clients and are expanding rapidly both within New Jersey and beyond. With the knowledge of how to get the job done right, we currently bill an average of $360 million annually in Medicaid claims and just under a half billion dollars per year to Medicare.

Setting the standard and helping clients maximize revenue through consistently applied, detail-oriented systems, our greatest strength lies with our people – some of the most dedicated, experienced, and committed in the industry. By understanding the process, knowing the rules, and maintaining a connected and reputable 30 year relationship with payers, we get you paid. Issues with the Medicare Intermediaries, a state Medicaid agency, a commercial payer (HMO)? We handle them each and every day. .

Our clients insist upon calling us a partner resource instead of simply a vendor as our experience in the long-term and senior care industries extends far beyond processing.Called upon at times to step in during financial crises, we have been involved in the management of senior care facilities; we’ve even managed ventilator units for both adult and pediatric patients. Having experienced firsthand the midnight ambulances and power outages, the workers’ strikes and the surprise inspections, we understand your frustrations, know your pain, and speak with your staff and executives accordingly.

We also understand that heavy priorities – including difficult claims – fall to the bottom. Allowing our clients to avoid this affordably by pricing on a per claim basis instead of a percentage basis, we are typically able to handle additional questions and problems without charge. In the case of a larger issue, we bill in fifteen minute increments instead of hourly charges. Our theory? You don’t want to see a surprise bill any more than we want to send it.

The willingness to travel the extra mile and provide personal attention at the level you require allows us to point to our clients as our best endorsement. With client retention and credibility that are unparalleled in the industry, we invite you to ask for references. Instead of delivering one or two, we will happily send you our entire client list.

Reduce the time your staff spends on claims and invoicing.

Could the time your staff spends on claims and invoicing be better appropriated? Are you considering the financially beneficial decision of outsourcing your medical billing to the right firm?