Our Services

Offering services unique to the industry, Woodlyn Associates, LLC serves as more than just your medical billing vendor; we are your industry partner. While other firms end service when the invoice is cut, we recognize deposited checks as your objective and pledge our full efforts to your bottom line.

As Medical Billing Specialists in Long-Term Care and Senior Care, We Service:

Skilled Nursing Facilities
Assisted Living Centers
Day Care Centers
Hospice Providers
Therapy Providers
Family Care Providers
Respite Providers

Our Deliverables:
  • Prompt processing
  • Continuous billing
  • Adjustment claims
  • Coinsurance claims
  • Accounts receivable
  • Claims processing support
  • Automatic remittance tracking
  • Denied and pending bill reports
  • Support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

How else do we serve you best?

We Financially Qualify your Residents
Insurance verification
Medicare verification
Medical Assistance eligibility verification

We Prepare Invoices and Bill Payers
Electronically if available
HIPAA compliant
Handle all payers (Medicare, Medicaid, commercial, private)

We Track Claim Statuses
Resubmit where required
Respond to questions

Assistance Beyond Expectation
Perhaps most of all, we’re here to offer support and guidance. We will seek to find an answer or, if appropriate, connect you with someone in our extensive network who can assist. Because we understand senior care at all levels, we are proud to be your resource partner, helping you manage and grow.

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